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Is NFC the final link in the chain

NFC of Near Field Communication seems to be the word of the moment. In essence its the technology that allows 2 devices to swap information – payment, data over a small physical distance. From ticketing with an Oyster card through to quick payment with your phone its pretty cool and simple technology. The phone play […]

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Next generation media

Latest “Next Generation Media” from Aegis. Oddly enough trying to find relevant up to date stats is more difficult than you may think. Makes good reading Next Generation Media Quarterly January 2011 View more presentations from Dan Calladine.

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Business model canvas

Looking at how digital technology can truly integrate into an organisation, one model that I came across was the business canvas which has been developed by the guys at Business Model Hub – a community and rattle bag of what appears to be some very smart and open people. The model maps out key organisational […]

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What are you post rationalising?

My Dad always loves to tell me how when you stop to ask for directions in Ireland you still get the “Well I wouldn’t start from here”, at which point you will be given clear directions to said preferred start point and then additional directions to where you wanted to get to. How many times […]

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The Times paywall

The Times paywall flags up a lot of the challenges facing the publishing industry and its ability to get back on some kind of even keel. There have been lots of stones thrown at The Times for what is seen as some blind, desperate attempt to put the old pay model on the new world, […]

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