These sessions are designed to provide you with the skills and confidence to allow you to engage immediately. Whether challenging your agency, creating better plans or building better solutions.


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“Why don’t we just do it ourself?”

“… we have digital experts, why don’t we do it ourself?”

  1. You make more money doing what you do – not putting your valuable and scarce resource on developing training
  2. Henderson Kite has been training clients, agencies and media owners for 10 years and is now considered best in class
  3. There can be tension between digital and non digital teams. As such internal teams delivering training may not always be received as openly
  4. Bringing external support provides a fresh perspective to the team and shows a commitment and desire from management

What clients say

We asked people to rate what they thought of the course we run overall – 5 for excellent to 1 for rubbish, here are the results.

  • 5 Excellent – 80%
  • 4 Very Good – 15%
  • 3 Not Bad – 5%
  • 2 Not Good – 0%
  • 1 Rubbish – 0%

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